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Wondering – how to use WeChat ads for business, right? WeChat sponsored ads are an effective and easy way to promote your business. Buy WeChat ads; ultimately, it will help to maximize your business and get more customers. Advertising on WeChat is a great platform and offers a massive opportunity for marketers to showcase their brands.


Buy WeChat Ads

If you want to buy WeChat ads, it will great for you to read this article once. It will help you to understand the WeChat advertising strategy.

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What is WeChat Advertising?

WeChat advertising is the Tencent program that helps businesses foster messages to hold consumers’ attention. WeChat ads allow the company to showcase its promotional messages on the user’s newsfeed or timeline. It also helps to grab more followers, get more active traffic engagement to their sites or apps. Its objective is to –

  • Download the app
  • Grab new followers
  • Drive offline traffic and sales

WeChat Ads Options Wechat Advertising Cost

WeChat includes three advertising options:

  1. WeChat Moments Advertising – Minimum entry price (both Chinese and foreign companies) starts at 50,000RMB. WeChat moment ads can be the right choice for popular brands with attractive items.
  2. WeChat Article Banner Advertising – Starts with an entry price (both Chinese and foreign companies) 50,000RMB. WeChat banner ads have performance-based pricing. It can easily link users to your business or website. If you have enough budget, then you can go for it.
  3. WeChat influencers Advertising – It usually needs a flat fee charge, commission, or result-based fee. If you can find the right influencer, then it would be better for your business.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy WeChat Ads?

Choose any three of the ads on WeChat. WeChat advertising cost will cost a minimum of US$10,000 per advertising campaign. For WeChat moment ads, the price has set for CPM, and it can change based on the location and targeting.

How to Use WeChat Advertising for Business?

Many companies nowadays use the WeChat advertising platform to promote their business. WeChat Advertising – It offers different types of ads. Such as moment ads can be best for Instagram and Facebook. Banner ads have placed at the article’s bottom. Besides advertising, WeChat also has a WeChat store to obtain primary sales by the app. Mini programs include many promotions or recreate the apps.

How to Create a WeChat Account for Business?

Now you will learn how to create a WeChat account for your business. Follow the instructions!

  • Step – 1: First off, go to WeChat’s official platform.
  • Step – 2: Then register.
  • Step – 3: Between subscription or service account, choose one.
  • Step – 4: Complete the necessary requirements.
  • Step – 5: After this, wait for verification.
  • Step – 6: Choose the location.
  • Step – 7: Complete the entity form.
  • Step – 8: Now, create your WeChat account.
  • Step – 9: Then apply for verification.

Buy WeChat Ads

Tactics for WeChat Marketing Wechat Banner Ads!

WeChat paid to advertise will give you utmost benefits if you use it effectively. Here, you will get to know about some WeChat marketing tactics.

  1. Use the QR codes for advertising your WeChat account.
  2. To enhance engagement, create unique HTML5 campaigns.
  3. Use a branded game to promote awareness.
  4. Introduce with WeChat influencers to grab more attention from the audience.
  5. Try to share the brand story by using a video campaign.
  6. Use a mini-program app to build loyalty.
  7. Try to reach the audience in their language. So, hire a translator and try to familiarize yourself with their culture to hold a strong business position.

Get Started Wechat Sponsored Ads!

After going through our WeChat advertising guide, now it is your turn to decide to move your business forward. Buy WeChat ads and use them wisely to promote your brand. Do not miss out on the chance!


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