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Are you in hesitation to buy Instagram ads? Don’t worry; we’re here with the complete guide to give you a clear concept about this. Let’s get ready for further details.


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Buy Instagram Ads

Are you in hesitation to buy Instagram ads? Don’t worry; we’re here with the complete guide to give you a clear concept about this. Let’s get ready for further details.

Buy Instagram Ads: Step by Step Tutorial

Instagram facilitates you to create and buy ads in simple ways like Facebook. Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Create your Business profile and page: If you don’t have any business page on Facebook, then create one. Next, create a business profile on Instagram.
  • Create Your Ad: Open Ad manager and choose the following options.
  • Your ad objective: Targeted audience
  • Ad format: Otherwise, you can also create an ad by promoting your previous shared post. Just select the post and tap to promote.
  • Determine Your Budget: In this step, set up your budget you want to spend per day or the whole ad campaign. Also, decide how long you want to run Instagram advertising.
  • Publish Your Ad:  When your ad creating is completed, then click to publish. Once your ad is approved, you will be notified, and ads can go online.

How much Instagram Advertising Cost?

Instagram ads cost depends on the budget you’ll spend and on the bidding system. Besides, cost varies in ad types, ad creativity, or targeted audiences. Usually, Instagram ads cost is higher
and cost-effective than Facebook ads. Founder of Leverage Consulting Keith Baumwal said, With highly targeted ads, you could be paying over $5 a CPM on Instagram.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Ads

Since Instagram lets you choose the audience you want to reach, buying Instagram ads can connect the customers you need. You can significantly increase your brand awareness on this platform as Instagram belongs to many active users worldwide. An affordable budget is another and most great benefit of buying Instagram ads. No matter your budget, you can easily fit on this and connect with the worldwide audience. Instagram’s content mostly focused on images or videos rather than text. If you can create an excellent post, it’ll quickly make an impression and memorizable in the user’s mind.

Buy Instagram Ads

How to Buy Instagram Sponsored Ads?

In recent years, businesses are applying the strategy of sponsoring their brand through Instagram influencers. This is because influencer marketing is getting popular day by day. So here is how
you can buy a sponsored ad.

  1. First, find an influencer and communicate in an Instagram private message or their
    website to ask if the influencer is interested in sponsoring.
  2. Next, settle the payment requirement or honorarium the influencer demanded.
  3. Afterward, set up your brand sponsorship partner on Instagram.
  4. Lastly, select the manually approved tags option, so if your branded partner tags you in
    content, you can approve them or not as you want.


Finally, you know how effective an Instagram ad is in your business growth. Whether you want to buy Instagram ads and satisfy your mind with complete information, our guide helps you
move further. So follow our guide to get a successful result from your advertising on Instagram.


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