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  1. Random country based accounts
  2. Verified with a trusted bank
  3. Verified with ID Card
  4. Verified with unique phone number
  5. Verified with Prepaid Card
  6. Full Verified Accounts
  7. No limit of Transactions


  1. Login credentials of new account
  2. Bank account details

LocalBitcoins Accounts

Localbitcoins account is an excellent marketplace for trade and a good option for buying or selling bitcoins. Before you start your journey with LocalBitcoins, read this article once to have a better idea.

About LocalBitcoins

Introduced with LocalBitcoins, the best P2P for bitcoin trading platform with lots of options, established in 2012. An escrow service protects it. It allows direct communication between buyer and seller to trade bitcoins. In some countries, LocalBitcoins is the only media to buy bitcoins.

Accepted Payment Methods

LocalBitcoins account supports a wide variety of payment methods. Its users are free to use any type of payment method for buying and selling. The payment method depends on the available system in your location.
It supported:

  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Neteller
  • MoneyGram
  • Payoneer
  • WeChat
  • Skrill

Buying Limits

LocalBitcoins does not have any limitations on its users. Its users feel free to decide their limits and prices. Based on their verification level, it will provide a different buying limit.

Buy LocalBitcoins Accounts

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Supported Countries

LocalBitcoins is available in almost every country all over the world. It has users from 249 countries. But it is not available in Germany or the states of New York in the USA.

What Makes LocalBitcoins Different from other Exchanges?

The main difference between LocalBitcoin’s accounts and other exchanges is that you need to meet up digitally or physically with the buyer or seller. But in LocalBitcoins, you can anonymously buy and sell bitcoins also buy verified localbitcoins account. On the other side, most exchange services have the highest buying limits for trading and don’t have many payment methods. But LocalBitcoins accepts a wide range of payment methods and having no buying or selling limits for trading. Besides, it only takes a 1% fee on all trading and has a supportive customer service team.

Can You Trust LocalBitcoins?

If you want a short answer – then YES, you can trust LocalBitcoins! Most importantly, it is entirely safe and secured. But you should be careful about risky and fraudulent sellers.LocalBitcoins is growing day-by-day and now has become one of the largest P2Pmarketplaces. Not only the largest, but it is also one of the oldest ones, and it is not a scam.

How Can You Use LocalBitcoins Account Safely?

Though Localbitcoins is a well-known platform, sometimes, all the traders are not the same. So, it is almost your responsibility to take some precautions to make your investments secure. Here, we share a few tips. Hopefully, these will help you out!
1. Find a trustworthy seller.
2. Try to communicate with the seller.
3. Do not send extra information before receiving any response from the seller’s side.
4. Never share your payment information.
5. If you have any issue with the seller, then try to fix it first.

Buy LocalBitcoins Accounts

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How to Buy Bitcoins on LocalBitcoins?

By using LocalBitcoins accounts, you can buy bitcoin instantly.
1. At first, you need to create and log in to an account.
2. Then register.
3. Select a payment method and offer.
4. Send a trade request.
5. Then confirm the transaction.

Benefits of trading on LocalBitcoins Account

Now check out some benefits – why will you use it?
1. It gives you access to global marketplaces.
2. It is a fast, trustworthy, and easy method.
3. Safe trading
4. Dynamic pricing methods and automated trading.

Closing Words

LocalBitcoins account is the right place for buying bitcoins. But you should be more alert and LocalBitcoins account for sale.


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