Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts

Do you want to know – why you should buy Microsoft Azure accounts?
Because it is a global entity that allows access to all the Azure services and products, you should have complete knowledge before you join Microsoft Azure.


Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts to access Azure services and products. It will help you to
build, develop, and manage your apps with the Microsoft Azure portal without any hassle.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is known as Azure. It is a public cloud computing service from Microsoft for managing service with Microsoft's data centers. It was announced in 2008 and released in 2010.
It offers over 600 services and supports several programming languages. Azure cloud
services provide SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Besides, it is a flexible and quick platform.

Some Quick Facts about Azure!

Here we provide a quick overview of Azure services.
● Microsoft Azure – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
● It is more flexible, and can move resources as required.
● The Azure cloud provides over 600 services and supports different programming
languages, tools, or OS.
● It is reliable with 99.95% availability.
● Azure provides 24×7 technical support.
● Azure cloud storage service is global and economical. You just need to pay based
on your usage.

How to Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts?

Microsoft azure accounts have been considered as one of the best global cloud storage
services. It includes two payment options.
1. You can buy an Azure account through Azure websites. It is the easiest and fastest
method for the organization.
2. You can also buy an Azure subscription through a Microsoft representative. It can
be the right choice for large organizations.

How Much Does it Cost?

Microsoft Azure includes multiple pricing plans from highest to lowest. The cost is based on which type of hosting model you select.

How will it Work for You?

In this section, we will discuss how you can use Azure for your business.

1. Enhance backup

Windows Azure storage is flexible and has a unique site recovery system. It can back up in a wide range of programming languages, tools, or services, and it can store three copies of your data in a separate location. It needs minimal capital investment and operational costs.

2. Develop mobile apps

If you want a reliable platform for developing apps, then you can use an Azure storage
account. With Azure management, you will need less time to build up your mobile apps. Microsoft Azure management also includes deployment support, so you can streamline the on-going code updates.

3. Distribute active directory

With Azure cloud computing, you can supplement a globally active directory. No other
cloud computing service provides this facility like the Azure console.

4. Add a new layer of security.

Microsoft Azure portal uses multi-factor authentication to ensure extra security to yourdata. It does not give you any trouble, and you can easily use it.

5. Azure IoT Hub

With an advanced IoT solution, you can easily monitor millions of devices and manage
them. It will help you expand your business, make better business decisions, lower costs,and enhance customer satisfaction.

Some Benefits of Azure

Business Benefits

● It has a scale on-demand ability and gives you the utmost security.
● It gives offers and services to customize your cloud.
● It has a hybrid capability and cost-competitive.
● With the supportive technical team, it gives you 24×7 customer service.

Data Benefits

● Azure has reliable data storage.
● It keeps your data safe and secured.

Management Benefits

● Azure allows you automation and API management.
● It allows for running virtual machines.

Final words

Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts – enjoy the products and services of Azure. With the
Microsoft Azure portal, you can easily monitor your web and mobile apps. So, let’s get


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