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Facebook ads are a precious platform to expand your sales online. But beginners fall into the
the dilemma about how to buy Facebook ads fruitfully.
Promoting your businesses and making them profitable, you have to attract people through your
creative ads. To reach maximum audiences on Facebook, you' ll fail without best performing
Facebook ads.
With our long-term experience, here we' ll discuss in detail your ads purchasing process. So stay
with us till the end of the article and buy your ads correctly.


Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to buy Facebook ads? Then let's check our article
to get a clear vision for your workable purchase.

Which Way Can I Buy Facebook Ads?

You can buy Facebook ads in two ways including-
1. Buy Yourself
2. Buy through agencies/freelancers.
For your convenience, I will discuss both steps of the way by step. Let's check out our further
discussion below.

Steps to Buy Facebook Ads Yourself

Step 1: Click on Create an Ad Button
Login to your Facebook page and go to the advertising section. Select the " create an ad" from the
the top-right corner of the Facebook page.
Step 2: Give An Website Address to Send People
Enter your business website address on the address bar. It will send the people on your page
who' ll click on the ad.
Step 3: Give an Attractive Title

Give your ads an attractive headline to catch the attention of the people. The title's character limit
should be within 25.
Step 4: Write Your Ads Body Text
You' ll get a maximum of 135 characters to describe your ads. Use these limits to present your ad
in a unique and eye-catchy way.
Step 5: Attach Your Ad image
Attach your product image from the browser and select the one you need.
Step 6: Recheck Your Ad
Check your ads if there is any problem. If everything looks alright, then click to " continue."
Step 7: Target Your Wanted Audience
Facebook allows you to target the users using some preferred category. These are included by
country, location, gender, age, education, sexual preference, workplaces, group, and page
membership, relationship, language, and so on.
By selecting these options, you can present your ads in front of the users. But if you don't choose
any of them, Facebook will show your ad in front of everyone.
Step 8: Set Up Your Budget
In the campaign option, give the name of your campaign. Then set up the daily budget you want
to spend on your ad. It can be $1 or $2 or more. There is no limit to spend. You can pay the
amount you want.
Billed per click and billed per impression are the two options for choosing your billing. Though
billed per click is more costly, it's efficient enough to send maximum real visitors to your page.
After you finished selecting, click " create."
Step 9: Select Your Credit Card

On the details for " Account Credit Card," put required personal and credit card information.
Then click the button, " Place Order." And you' re done with buying Facebook ads.

Steps to Buy Facebook Ads from Agent

If you prefer to buy Facebook ads from agents, then follow the steps we described.
Step 1: Find the Right Agency
The first thing you need to do is to find the best facebook ad agency to buy Facebook ads for
you. For this, search agencies/freelancers and check their detailed information. Find out that the
agency is capable of do best Facebook ad campaigns.
Step 2: Determined the Purchase Cost
The cost of buying Facebook ads from agencies varies. Some agencies demand a high rate but
not much experienced, but others can work efficiently at a reasonable price.
Step 3: Submit Your Information & Payment
Submit your information, including your website address, Facebook page address, daily budget,
targeted people, and other personal information and your purchase payment. Now you have to
wait for the confirmation.


Buying Facebook ads is the first step for expansion and profitable business. If you do it properly,
your further success to meet your business goal gets easier.
You can already tell which way is convenient for you to buy Facebook ads. I'm pretty sure if
you follow our instructions accurately, your spending bucks become workable.


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