Tumblr Ads

In the United State’s Tumblr is considered one of the most popular social media platforms. So if you’re up to investing in Tumblr Ads, you’ll get a worthwhile result for your business growth. 

In this article, we’ll focus on the benefits of Tumblr ads, the advertising types on this platform, and tips to enhance your ad’s success.  Let’s check this out.


Do you want to get ideas about Tumblr Ads with accurate information? So read our article that’ll help you in your way to achieving your business goal.

Why Should Advertise on Tumblr?

If your target audience is fond of entertainment, art, and creativity, then Tumblr ads are the best opportunity for you. Here your content will be much shareable than other platforms.

Besides, Tumblr is also accessible to other social platforms like Twitter or Reddit. This will take your content marketing to a high place. Again, it is ideal for promoting your brand or PR, also a cheaper alternative for WordPress. 

How to Advertise on Tumblr?

Through the sponsored ads, advisers will get the opportunity to show selected ads on this platform for 24 hours. No matter what your brand story is,  you will own a day to tell all of this to users. Tumblr will pin Your brand’s logo and tagline on the top of the Tumblr dashboard.

And, your selected content will link to the most highly engaging Explore page with an incredible tab. 

Things You Should Consider
  • Follow Your Industry Trend

To stand out from the crowd, you need to follow the contents that are going on the trend. And mix this content with your original brand content to add value and more engagement with the audience. 

  • Simple content with creativity

Put some creativity with simplicity in your content. Use Illustration or compelling photography that can catch the attention of the users.

Sponsored posts are enabled to reach a wide range of audiences as the user’s don’t need to follow your brand to see the ads. On top, you can select your targeted audience by gender, location, and other interests, which help you to connect those you want. 

Besides, sponsored posts are accessible to the Dashboard and the user’s feed. Though it’s quite similar to Tumblr regular ads, regular ads lack call-to-action, available in Sponsored posts.

Things You Should Consider 

  • Find Your Audience interest

The best way to find out the users’ interest is to analyze users’ posts and their reblogging. So create your content that will be compatible with users’ desires.

  • Use Hashtag

Use a few hashtags relevant to your post or your industry to enable users to watch your content even if they’re not following you. 

According to Tumblr, Sponsored videos are “native video for web and mobile in the same Sponsored Post format you know and love.”. Also, it enables targeting options to reach people you want to introduce your brand. Additionally, you can analyze your content’s view, engagement, and looping.

Sponsored videos come with autoplay and loop options. So you can watch them while scrolling and without clicking on the video.

Things You Should Consider 

  • Think about Mobile Users

Mobile users mostly watch videos in vertical mode. Try to shoot your video vertically so you can also get high engagement with mobile audiences.

  • Including Call-to-action

A perfect Call-to-action or CTA encourages 14% of the Tumblr users to buy your products, and 11% gives recommendations for your brand.


Tumblr ads are undoubtedly raising its platform day by day. So if you raise your business worldwide, Tumblr is an ideal platform to help you in this purpose. 

As you already know about Tumblr ads, don’t be late to give your business a chance to connect with your wanted consumers.


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