Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing SimpleVCC. This Refund Policy outlines the terms and conditions for requesting refunds for our products and services. Please read this policy carefully before making any purchase, as it governs your rights and obligations regarding refunds.

  1. Eligibility for Refunds

1.1 Digital Products We offer various digital products, such as virtual credit cards and software licenses. Due to the nature of these products, we generally do not provide refunds once the product has been delivered or the service has been activated. However, we understand that exceptional circumstances may arise, and we will assess refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

1.2 Service Fees Certain services may involve one-time or recurring fees. Refunds for these fees will be considered based on the specific terms and conditions associated with the service. Please refer to the individual service agreement or contact our customer support for further details.

  1. Refund Request Process

2.1 Contacting Customer Support If you believe you are eligible for a refund, please contact our customer support team within the specified timeframe mentioned in the applicable terms and conditions. Provide us with all the necessary details and documentation to support your refund request.

2.2 Evaluation of Refund Request We will review your refund request and consider factors such as the type of product or service, the reason for the refund, and any applicable terms and conditions. We reserve the right to refuse a refund if the request does not meet our criteria or if fraudulent activity is suspected.

2.3 Refund Approval or Denial Upon evaluating your request, we will notify you of the approval or denial of your refund. If approved, we will process the refund within a reasonable timeframe using the original payment method. Please note that refunds may take some time to reflect in your account, depending on your bank or payment processor.

  1. Non-Refundable Items and Services

The following items and services are generally non-refundable:

  • Partially used or expired virtual credit cards.
  • Services that have been fully or partially provided.
  • Digital products that have been accessed or downloaded.
  • Fees associated with account setup or maintenance.
  • Fees related to transaction processing or currency conversion.

Please refer to the specific terms and conditions or contact our customer support for further information on the refund eligibility of individual products and services.

  1. Changes to the Refund Policy

We reserve the right to modify or update this Refund Policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the updated policy on our website. We recommend reviewing this policy periodically to stay informed about any changes that may affect your rights.

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